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New Website !
Journey to Understanding now has its very own dedicated website. Learn more about the new poetry collection and its author, read excerpts, preview pages, and visit the stores that carry your favorite eBook format.


Latest Release : Stillborn
A research & development piece that blends stylistic elements borrowed from many genres ranging from urban to progressive with touches of jazz and funk. The music pulses to the beat of electronic and acoustic drum sounds, and is augmented by excerpts of poetry readings.
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My First Poetry Collection !
The poems gathered here, the milestones of an intense journey to an understanding that still resonates in me to this day, are presented in their original chronological order of publication, and their original form. My hope is that my journey will shed at least a little light on yours.
Scribo, my writer's blog, is currently under development.

IT & Multimedia Production

Written In The Stars Preview Video
« Written In The Stars » is a series of compositions that loosely tell the story of a person grieving after the unexpected and untimely ending of an undertaking that was very dear to them. The preview video serves as an introduction to the project, and features music excerpted from 5 of the 8 chapters of the piece.
The portfolio is growing slowly but surely.


Stewart Explorations    Christopher Stewart  Ville de Québec


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